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What We Do

  • Core net services (NIPRNet/SIPRNet) to BES 1,800+ users
  • Tier 1 24/7/365 spt for 70+ combat mission-critical system
  • Incident management insight for 140+ programs, 80+ customers, 200+ stakeholders, approx. 3.3M users
  • Enterprise level systems operations and pipelines to enable capability delivery teams to deliver software
  • SW factory focused on mobile and web app development
  • Dev, Test, and Prod DB & app support for 150+ A1 systems
  • Courses and enablement paths for all Airmen including those in non-digital career fields as well as training and mentorship to teach non-developers how to build mobile apps
  • Cost/Schedule/Performance goals/metrics for all operations service domain projects and provides other services required to meet Air Force, DoD and Federal Mandates


  • Network Operations (Net Ops)
  • Plans and Resources
  • Major Incident Management (MIM)
  • Field Assistance Service (FAS)
  • Platform South
  • Platform West