Technical Services and The Benefits of BES DevSecOps

  • Published
  • By Eric Roettgen

Just a few years ago, the Business and Enterprise Systems (BES) Directorate was reimagined from a programs and projects-based organization following waterfall methodology to products and services adopting the Agile methodology, thereby recognizing the need to adapt and deliver to keep up with users and adversaries more quickly.

To best enable our Agile adoption, BES established service domains such as Technical Services (GBE), providing Agile configuration management, test and evaluation, data architecture, enterprise resource planning, delivery and product engineering, enterprise architecture, and DevSecOps services.

GBE DevSecOps services strive to automate the integration of security throughout the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) before development and throughout operation. This is primarily done via a self-service model, allowing customers to act and perform according to their schedules without waiting for a service provider.

DevSecOps services operate on a budget of less than $4 million annually and primarily provide continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) and test-automation services, helping Capability Delivery Teams (CDTs) to automate much of their SDLC.

Currently, GBE DevSecOps services host 61 customer CDTs, providing nearly 500 DevSecOps users the ability to automate configuration management, source code quality and security (scans), builds, tests (unit, user interface/functional, and performance), Software Bills of Material generation and analysis, and product deliveries. GBE DevSecOps services are hosted in Cloud One, and most of the tooling is free and open source, minimizing annual customer costs by $25,000.

The benefits of DevSecOps services have been realized by customers as growth increases by more than 10 percent each year. Customer deliveries have averaged an increase of almost 25 percent each year, and more than seven million users are receiving faster, more secure, reliable, stable, maintainable, and functional capability.

Providing service to customers with a portfolio budget worth nearly $500 million per year across communities from Command and Control to Finance to Logistics, GBE DevSecOps Services are here to help so that others may succeed!