GBG - Financial Systems

Provide the best financial tools to run the Department of the Air Force worldwide.
Develop integrated, reliable, and auditable financial systems for the Department of the Air Force.


    Financial Systems Portfolio:
    Air Force financial systems divided within four product lines providing financial ERP, planning, support,
    and operational capabilities

   10 Programs:
       1-BCAT I, 9-BCAT III (WPAFB & Gunter Annex)
   251 Personnel:

       103-civilian, 22-military, 126-contractor
   Portfolio Value $3B -- $135M FY21 execution:
       $42.9M (Investment) and $92.1M (Sustainment)
   System Owners: SAF/FM, AFMC, and DFAS
       ~63.5K users worldwide
   Primary Customers:
       SAF/FM, DFAS, USTRANSCOM, AFMC/FM, AFMC/A8, ANG, AFRES, and US Space Force             

Col Walter Bustelo, Senior Materiel Leader

Col Bustelo is standing in front of an American Flag

Ms. Jaylene Carteret, Deputy

Ms. Jaylene Carteret is standing in front of an American flag