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Ms. Yolanda McCain, Director

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2022 Small Business Town Hall and Business Matchmaking

The Business and Enterprise Systems (BES) Small Business Office is pleased to announce the 2022 Department of the Air Force Information Technology & Cyberpower (DAFITC) Small Business Town Hall on Monday, 29 August and the BES Matchmaker event on Tuesday, 30 August.  

The Town Hall will provide a forum to educate and assist industry small business partners in support of the Department of the Air Force and throughout the Department of Defense (DoD) in delivering capabilities to the warfighter.  The keynote speaker and panel style discussion will share the latest on relevant and priority topics within the DoD delivered by government and industry experts. 

Tuesday’s Matchmaker event will provide opportunities for industry to engage with Government personnel and facilitate connections among industry partners, providing the latest strategies to maximize opportunities with the federal government through prime, subcontracting, teaming, and partnerships with other companies.     

This year’s goal is to continue to educate, foster connections and spotlight the critical role small businesses play in the successful execution of our mission.   

Please join us in making the 2022 DAFITC Small Business Town Hall and Matchmaker events a collaborative success.     

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Note: In order to attend the Small Business Town Hall and/or the Small Business Matchmaker event, you must already be registered as an attendee for DAFITC.

If you have any questions, please contact the BES Strategic Communications team at besstratcomm@us.af.mil


Create a culture that looks to Small Business first for innovative, agile, affordable, and timely solutions to meet the evolving needs of our warfighter.

To champion Small Business and their ability to provide relevant solutions to meet the needs of the warfighter by advocating for acquisition strategies that provide maximum practical SB participation, performing industry outreach and connecting the best small business partners and their solutions with the right Air Force requirement.



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