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The Business Enterprise Systems (BES) vendor industry events work to bring current and potential industry partners together to receive presentations from BES leadership and program leads on BES mission, direction, upcoming opportunities and challenges.

Vendor Industry Day (VID) is held annually during the spring and features acquisition briefings by government personnel which focus on current and future business opportunities across the enterprise.

 - The agenda, registration and document links will change per event
 - For Information on BES program acquisition opportunities, please review the BES Smart Guide
 - For a deep-dive on ALL programs within the BES portfolio, please refer to the BES Reference Guide
 - To schedule a meeting or company capability presentation, complete and return the BES Meeting Request Form

 For questions about Vendor Communications and events, please contact Vendor Communications atbesstratcomm@us.af.mil






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Nothing beats a day of sun, fun, food, and comradery! Just ask our BES team at Wright-Patt and they'll tell you! Their 2nd Annual Summer Picnic was held last week at Young's Dairy and by the looks of it, some fun was definitely had! #BES #worklifebalance
We at BES would like to wish our fellow brothers-in-arms, the U.S. Army a Happy 243rd Birthday! #happybirthday #USArmy
Happy Flag Day from your friends at BES! #BES #FlagDay
After years of hard work and dedication, Lt Everett Joiner is now joining one of the most prestigious skydiving teams in the world! Which one is it? Stay tuned and keep following our page for more information! #BES #skydiving
Congratulations to our newest BES promotees! Your diligence and hard work has paid off and we could not be any prouder of you! #BES #focused
We would like to welcome the newest DET 5 Commander to Maxwell Gunter Annex, Lt Col Eric Amissah! He previously worked as Chief of the Science and Technology Branch of the Air Force Global Strike Command at Barksdale AFB. BES is proud to have Lt Col Amissah! #BES #DET5
We want to welcome back Capt Joey Mahler (HIQD) from his month-long trip to Dakar, Senegal in West Africa where he participated in a cultural immersion program. To celebrate his return, a "French Day" was waiting for him, in honor of the language he was surrounded by! #BES #bonjour
In case you attended Vendor Industry Day, but didn't get a chance to let us know what you thought about the event, now you have a chance to. Click the following link below, and tell us about your VID experience! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZP67NBK
BES PEO highlights directorate's impact on Air Force #AirForceBES
Last week, BES held their annual Vendor Industry Day, with divisions presenting upcoming acquisitions to industry partners over the next 18 months. Here are some pictures from last week's event...#BESVID2018
Vendor Industry Day is almost here! We are greatly excited to have this event taking place, for members of industry to be briefed on upcoming programs and acquisitions over the next 18 months. We want you to be a part of it as well! Come down to the MPAC Theatre tomorrow, May 23rd, starting at 1 PM. We look forward to seeing you there! #BESVID2018
The Air Force Information Technology & Cyberpower Conference (AFITC) is accepting submissions for presenters or panel speakers in the breakout sessions at the conference. If your organization would like to have its voice heard, fill out the Call for Papers Online Form for consideration of inclusion in the AFITC 2018. The deadline for submissions is June 8th, 2018. Link: https://goo.gl/forms/pzVRj4NFHEMgKf4D2
Just as a reminder, there's still time to register for Vendor Industry Day 2018! Be sure to go to the following link to sign up: http://default-environment.nepujyw9pp.us-east-2.elasticbeanstalk.com/ Registration for industry and government closes at noon CST (1 PM EST) on May 14th, so be sure to sign up as soon as you can! We look forward to seeing you there!
For those who have signed up (or will sign up) for BES Vendor Industry Day 2018, take a look at the agenda we have in place for this year! <a href="http://www.airforcebes.af.mil/Portals/23/documents/BES%20Vendor%20Communication/2018%20VID_Agenda.pdf?ver=2018-04-06-122130-907" target="_blank">http://www.airforcebes.af.mil/Portals/23/documents/BES%20Vendor%20Communication/2018%20VID_Agenda.pdf?ver=2018-04-06-122130-907</a>
Vendor Industry Day is almost here, and now you have an opportunity to be a part of this exciting event! Click the following link below, and it will take you to our registration page. We look forward to seeing you there! http://default-environment.nepujyw9pp.us-east-2.elasticbeanstalk.com/
What an exciting and thrilling Wingman Day we had here on base yesterday! Everyone was able to enjoy themselves through food, games, and enjoyable entertainment! Take a look at some of the pictures from yesterday&#39;s Wingman Day...
We have an exciting day coming up here with our Wingman Day Fest! From our morning run to our Wingman Day carnival, we have so many fun activities planned! It promises to be a wonderful day here at BES, and we look forward to seeing you there! #AirForceBES #WingmanDayFest
Congratulations to all of the recent Airmen who received their promotions last Friday here at Maxwell-Gunter Annex! We are proud of the work you have done, and your outstanding accomplishments! Continue to make BES proud! #AirForceBES
Be sure to put these dates in your calendar for upcoming BES events! We have many exciting opportunities that are coming, and very soon! Stay tuned for more information and updates...
It&#39;s almost that time! Vendor Industry Day is right around the corner! Government personnel and industry partners will be on hand as new procurement opportunities are presented for the fiscal year. We will be sure to keep you updated on news and events, leading right up to VID 2018! Stay tuned!
Happy New Year, BES! Let's push for great things and even greater accomplishments in 2019! https://t.co/sSd5RBYFT4
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Congratulations to our latest military and civilian promotes: A1C Jonathan Du Perron, Daniel Hines, A1C Jaxon Fogar… https://t.co/jLnHxjXY0H
Today we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the attack on Pearl Harbor 77 years ago #BEShttps://t.co/GmlCmPQEFO
SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK This week #BES is shining light on Mr. Terry Bergeron, EPASS Program Manager. Mr. Bergeron en… https://t.co/mKMHxDrAN0
Congratulations to TSgt Patrick Tullos on his recent promotion! Job well done! #BES https://t.co/jekP8Ua9Nx
Congratulations to our newly promoted BES Airmen: SrA D'Andre Ellis, SrA Tony Cruz, SrA Quinten Garza, and A1C Aaro… https://t.co/i8Vy7Bwg3x
Congratulations to our newly promoted BES Civilians: Ms. Sharon Nettles, Mr. Terry Bergeron, Ms. Destini Bray, and… https://t.co/sJhfFwE5Ju
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Members of the HIO division took the time out to show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month by "rocking t… https://t.co/7e19U1w9ao
All month long, BES is doing their part during Breast Cancer Awareness Month by "Rocking the Pink." Join us in rock… https://t.co/hwxs7KKRZK
BES Leadership hashing out FY19 objectives. #Offsite #Day2 https://t.co/6cWDFVMQji
Say Cheese! Behind the scene at BES Offsite. https://t.co/CC8fwJ354F
Congrats to the new BES promotees for the month of September: SrA Shaneryder Moore, Makeysha McKinnis, and TSgt Mat… https://t.co/SAoUFWy0c0
Our HI-North team had nothing but sunshine and blue skies at their 2nd Annual Wingman Day Golf Outing. A perfect ba… https://t.co/N9wCM5Dtmm
Congratulations to Ms. Christine Daniels for being selected the FY18 Annual BES FM Senior Level Cost Manager for AC… https://t.co/LkBnkIpTxm
Congratulations to our newly promoted #BES airmen! TSgt Benjamin Brown, and MSgt Joshua Strom. "At first they wil… https://t.co/WYIu9zbYD3