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BES Vendor Exchange Forum

BES Vendor Exchange Forum (VEF) -- The Business and Enterprise Systems (BES) Directorate held its 2nd VEF on 18 January 2024 at Maxwell AFB-Gunter Annex, in Montgomery, AL.  The 1-day hybrid event boasted a combined attendance of ~350 Government and Industry personnel for the (two) 2 sessions, with briefings by the BES Director of Small Business Programs, Director of Engineering and the Chief Disruption Officer, and the highlighting of five (5) upcoming acquisitions during Session-1 – Government Presentations.  The event culminated with ten (10) companies providing individual capability briefings to BES Government Personnel.  Continue to monitor this website, the BES Vendor Communications page (see the link in SB Opportunities below) as well as other BES social media outlets for information on future opportunities to participate in VEF events.

BES Event Communication

The Business and Enterprise Systems (BES) vendor industry events work to bring current and potential industry partners together to receive presentations from BES leadership and program leads on BES mission, direction, upcoming opportunities and challenges.

Vendor Industry Day (VID) is held annually during the spring and features acquisition briefings by government personnel which focus on current and future business opportunities across the enterprise.

 - The agenda, registration and document links will change per event
 - For Information on BES program acquisition opportunities, please review the BES SMART Guide
 - For a deep-dive on ALL programs within the BES portfolio, please refer to the BES Reference Guide
 - To schedule a meeting or company capability presentation, complete and return the BES Meeting Request Form

 For questions about vendor communications and events, please contact Strategic Communications at