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GBZ - Cyber Security Services

  • Application Security Tools and Testing Service:  Provides scanning, penetration testing and security test tools to be used throughout the software development lifecycle.
  • Application ISSO and ISSM Capability Service:  Fostering consolidated cybersecurity support to BES portfolios through centralized management of ISSO/ISSM resources
  • Application Assessment and Audit Service:  Provides comprehensive evaluations of the security controls through review of compelling evidence and artifacts.  [Security Control Assessor (SCA) for Logistics, Civil Engineering, and Financal Management Enterprise Systems IAW AFI 17-101.
  • BES-Gunter Enterprise User Support Service: Coordinates the issuance of alternate & SIPR tokens to enable end users

GBZ Organization Chart

This is a graphic with a white background that depicts five boxes that shows HIZ organization chart

Mr. William Kramer, Chief

This photo is blue, red, and white. Mr. Kramer is facing left with an American flag behind him, over his left shoulder