GBJ - Legal Services

  • Provide timely, world-class legal services supporting AFLCMC/BES people, programs, readiness, and innovation.
  • Personnel:  SJA, DSJA, 1 Civilian Superintendent, 4 Attorney-Advisors
  • Portfolio: 
    • Advise PEO BES on all acquisition legal matters and coordinate with geographically separated BES directorates’ legal advisors
    • Provide support to AFLCMC/HN operations at Gunter Annex
    • Provide legal assistance to eligible Gunter Annex personnel
  • ​Support provided by other Legal Offices:
    • 42 ABW:  Military Justice, Labor, Environmental, and non-Acquisition Civil Law
    • AFMCLO:  2 attorneys-advisors for HIG program matters
    • Hanscom Legal Office-Randolph OL:  2 attorney-advisors for HIH program matters
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