Ms. Jaylene Carteret, Portfolio Manager

Mr. Joe Munger, Deputy Portfolio Manager

GBB - Mission Support Systems Portfolio

Mission:  Exceed User Expectations

Vision:  Deliver at the Speed of Need

Portfolio Description:  
The Mission Support Systems (AFLCMC/GBB) portfolio is comprised of programs/capabilities in acquisition & sustainment supporting the entire Air Force with Contracting Systems, Air Systems, Medical Systems, Acquisition Operations Support, Enterprise Support, and War Planning.

GBB North Star Statement: "To deliver capabilities at ever increasing speed through collaboration and agile business principles."


GBB Portfolio Numbers

Total Programs: 22                                      Personnel: 249
   1   ACAT I (NSS)                                          Military: 42
   2   ACAT III (NSS)                                        Civilian: 89
   2   BCAT II                                                    Contractor-A&AS: 118
   12 BCAT III
   3   Operations & Supt (NSS)
   2   Investment Activities

GBB Product Lines and Programs