BES Agile Services Office Completes Migration Efforts

  • Published
  • By David Sampson and David Riley

Led by Rachel Wolff, Technical Lead, an integrated team of experts from the Business and Enterprise Systems (BES) Services and Operations Divisions, and the Maintenance and Installation Portfolio, completed the final phase of migration and onboarding of the Air Force Medical Omnibus Web Application Pool (AFMOWAP).

In August 2023, the successful migration of the AFMOWAP Radioactive Materials Management Information System (RAMMIS) led way to begin the migration effort of their remaining subsystems.

On October 20, 2023, migration from Azure DevOps to the BES Atlassian Toolset (BAT) concluded for the AFMOWAP Physical Examination Processing Program (PEPP), Aeromedical Information Management Waiver Tracking System (AIMWTS), and the Medical Planning and Programming Tool (MPPT). This successful migration to the BAT enhances the AFMOWAP team’s ability to provide agile software development in their mission of delivering timely and usable software to the Air Force medical community.

Presently, over 70 programs use the BAT in their software development lifecycle, employing over 500 project spaces in the BAT environment. The BAT offers four components for agile software lifecycle management including Jira which is a project workflow management tool, Jira Service Management, a service desk services, Confluence which is for collaborative workspaces, and BitBucket source code repository.

Additional plug-ins expand on the base functionality of these components, allowing users to create Microsoft Excel-like tables, run test scripts, and make effortless copies of issues.

These functions provide programs with vital capabilities including team and strategy management, cost and schedule monitoring, release planning, and forecasting, enabling teams to maximize developmental efficiency.