BESPIN Partners With Marine Corps to Develop Simulated Medical Training

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  • By BESPIN Communications and Marketing

MAXWELL AFB-GUNTER ANNEX, Ala. -- Business and Enterprise Systems Product Innovation (BESPIN) is excited to announce its partnership with the Marine Forces Reserve (MFR) Command, a component of the United States Marine Corps, that will change the way training is conducted for Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) to help warfighters gain familiarity and proficiency.

This partnership serves as a building block to expanding TCCC training capabilities across the Department of Defense (DoD) and globally to align future project work with the Global Health Engagement initiative.

MFR seeks to tap into GigXR’s holographic augmented reality technologies and integrate it with casualty and patient care scenarios, current medical training devices, and holographic versions of the medical equipment itself or patients.

“The opportunity for BESPIN to deliver enterprise service capabilities to the Marine Corps is a testament to the products and processes that have been established within the BESPIN organization to transcend military service branches and provide capabilities to the Joint Force," said Lt. Col. Tyler Hough, BESPIN Chief Operating Officer. “The mission of providing enhanced training for TCCC is even more exciting as tactical casualty combat care is a mission-critical skill set that has direct impacts in saving the lives of our service members across the Joint Force.”

BESPIN’s Cloud Operations team will work with the MFR to develop immersive simulation applications, how-to training for simulations, simulation facilitator guides, and training scenarios. BESPIN will also provide documentation of the process to package, ship, and receive inventory, and inspect and maintain the headsets with required configurations, as well as quality control checklists confirming proper integration and installation.

The Global Health Engagement initiative aims to improve the health and safety of our warfighters, expand medical readiness, build trust, and deepen professional medical relationships around the world, advance U.S. national security objectives, combat global health threats, and enhance interoperability by helping partner nations build health capacity.

BESPIN’s Cloud Operations team supports DoD software needs by accelerating and streamlining the delivery of applications to production. The Cloud Ops team creates a path for application development teams to reach production zones quickly and efficiently by leveraging automation to create repeatable processes, delivering blueprints of working, full-stack application templates, and providing full support to incoming BESPIN teams.

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