GBF - Financial Services


Provides responsive and professional financial operations, cost estimating, and budget services support to AFLCMC BES Directorate while maintaining the integrity and accuracy of financial data and statements.

Financial Service Offerings:

Financial Services – Provide services to enable PEO BES to have proper accounting of funds, financial systems access, funds control, and financial reporting and automation

Budget Services – Provide services to enable critical decision support to PEO BES Senior Leaders by performing analysis of current execution and future spend plans, making recommendations for reallocation and reprogramming of funds, justifying budgets to DoD and Congress, and support processes such as Unfunded Requirements (UFRs), Financial Working Group (FWG) and Financial Management Board (FMB), Spring Program Review (SPR), Summer Execution Review (SER), and INV-001

Comptroller Support – Provide direct support to PEO BES Comptroller to ensure Division suspenses are properly addressed, personnel are properly managed and trained, policy research and recommendations are thorough, and innovative processes are being adopted across the Division

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Mr. Michael Coleman, Director

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Mr. David Krueger, Deputy Director

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