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North Managed Systems

Automated Business Services System (ABSS)

ABSS is the Air Force’s system of record for creating, routing, recording and posting commitment and obligation documents in the budget execution for 200 military sites and 11,000 monthly users worldwide.

  • ABSS automates the creation of 15 financial documents and electronically routes documents through coordination, approval, and funds certification process. 
  • ABSS processes 230,000 documents in excess of $79 Billion annually

Automated Project Order (APO)

The Automated Project Order (APO/J025A) System is a key financial management system that automates confirmation and approval that Air Force Working Capital Fund (AFWCF) funds are available and sufficient so that aircraft, missiles and related support equipment can be inducted for organic Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) depot maintenance. This insures AFWCF expenditures are authorized and do not exceed established ceilings, which should prevent violations of the Antideficiency Act (ADA) and comply with the Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Act of 1990.

  • APO tracks Depot Purchased Equipment Maintenance (DPEM) funds for project workloads
  • APO notifies users when they need to enter financial system (GAFS/BQ) to commit or obligate funds
  • Provides workload and financial status of all end  items repaired organically in the ALC Shops, and identifies need for adjustment of funds
  • Provides access to historical data and reports

Command Management System (CMS)

CMS supports an AFMC balanced strategic plan and identifies additional funding, manpower, and flying hours required to ensure our continued support to the warfighter.

  • CMS produces documents and outputs that support Air Force Materiel Command's (AFMC's) Program Objective Memorandum (POM) and Financial Plan (FIN Plan) submissions to Air Staff
  • CMS supports Mission Area (MA) Operating Plan (MAOP) submissions to AFMC Centers and assists the MA staff at all levels in allocating the resources provided by Air Staff
  • CMS documents the differences between AFMC's standard/minimum and the constrained resources provided.
  • CMS provides support to 1500 users in AFMC

Commander's Resource Integration System (CRIS)

CRIS is an enterprise-level service providing financial management decision support and data analysis to 14,000 Air Force decision makers and managers.

  • CRIS allows functional analysts, commanders, and managers to access critical information that supports the rapid identification of problems, resolution of issues, and allocation of resources to meet developing needs.
  • CRIS provides a set of query, analysis and reporting tools to access data from multiple legacy systems within one decision support system, including Financial Management, Operations, Logistics and Pay & Personnel
  • CRIS Processes 27 Million queries annually, with 3.8 Million of those in September alone.

Job Order Cost Accounting System II (JOCAS II)

JOCAS II provides job order cost accounting for Air Force Labs, Ranges and Test Facilities so they can produce reliable and timely management reports, journal vouchers and SF-1080 bills for 13,000 users.

  • JOCAS II is the complete modernization and enhancement of the former Job Order Cost Accounting System (JOCAS). JOCAS was used in the former AFSC RDT&E arena from 1967 until the initial release of JOCAS II in 1992.
  • JOCAS II replaced former batch-processing functionality with state-of-the-art ORACLE relational database technology and provided interfaces with other AF standard systems. 
  • JOCAS II also supports time and attendance for over 18,000 military and civilian personnel and processes $2.1 Billion annually in reimbursable charges across nine sites

Keystone Decision Support System (KDSS)

Keystone DSS provides a working capital funds financial data warehouse so that the Air Force can forecast, analyze and manage the over $20 Billion Air Force Working Capital Fund.

  • KDSS is a decision support system and data warehouse that provides Major Commands (MAJCOMs), Air Logistics Centers (ALC), and base-level managers visibility to Consolidated Sustainment Activity Group (CSAG) and Supply Management Activity Group (SMAG) financial and operational data.
  • KDSS provides analysis capabilities of sales, inventory and trial balance data to support CSAG Supply Division and SMAG Retail - General Support Division (GSD) management and performance, as well as analysis capabilities for expenses for CSAG Maintenance.
  • KDSS also provides budget analysts the ability to quickly and accurately create the AFWCF budget exhibits and inputs to OSD's justification or J-Book for budget development.