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General Accounting and Finance Suite of Systems (GAFS)

GAFS is used to account for Air Force Appropriated fund authorizations, commitments, obligations, and expenditures.  It consists of 4 stand-alone systems:  GAFS, GAFS-DTS, CPAIS, and WinGAMPS/WinMOOPS.  GAFS is the backbone of Air Force financial management and reporting processes.  It maintains official Financial Accounting Records on all appropriated funds allocated to base level activities.

  • GAFS processes over 3.2 Million  accounting transactions totaling $34 Billion monthly
  • GAFS-DTS processes over 4.1 Million traveler payments resulting in over $4.4 Billion in DOD travel payments annually.
  • CPAIS provides interface capability of Civilian Pay into GAFS for accounting purposes.
  • WinGAMPS/WinMOOPS is a desktop, client based application that serves as a contingency utility to build transactions that are normally manually input via mainframe screens and processed via GAFS-BQ. 

Integrated Accounts Payable System (IAPS)

IAPS is a DFAS system for Air Force Vendor Pay function, providing payment voucher creation by computing payment due dates and amounts.  It provides capability to produce disbursement vouchers in US Dollars and all foreign currencies while also interfacing with all major Air Force Supply, Contracting, WAWF, EDI, Disbursement, US Treasury and core USAF Accounting and Finance Systems.

    • IAPS automates payments to commercial vendors who provide services and supplies to Warfighters
    • IAPS complies with Cash Management/Prompt Payment Act in processing 50,000 invoices per month
    • Automated processing of WAWF, PowerTrack and Government Purchase Card EDI obligations, invoices and receipts
    • IAPS processes $40 Billion in vendor disbursements on an annual basis

            Standard Materiel Accounting System (SMAS)

            SMAS maintains accounting records and produces trial balance reports for management of the working capital fund and the supply management activity group.  It is a transaction driven system under general ledger control that maintains accounting records and produces Air Force Working Capital Fund (WCF) Trial Balance Reports used by DFAS Field Site personnel and AFWCF managers.

            • SMAS processes 2.5 Million transactions monthly, totaling over $40.3 Billion
            • SMAS accounts for the posting for an inventory item at each stage of accounting it progresses through: Requisition, Order Status, Receipt, Inventory Maintenance, Issue from Stock, Customer Billing, Stock Fund Reimbursement, and Balancing with GAFS-BL or DEAMS
            • SMAS provides a means to account for funds used to purchase and issue Medical and Non-medical Supplies and Equipment

             Program and Budget Enterprise Service (PBES)

            PBES is the Air Force designation solution to deliver traceability of financial data in support of the planning, programming and budgeting process. PBES will make the budget formulation process more efficient by utilizing one authoritative data source for managing the planning, programming and budgeting process, incorporating business best practices, and leveraging flexible, agile technology.

            • Making use of a Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) financial planning suite, PBES enables the Air Force budget formulation process to be more efficient and accurate.
            • PBES will provide a system capable of real-time "what-if" budget simulations to utilize resources more efficiently while responding to the information needs of both OSD and Congress in a timely manner.

            • With PBES, 1500 users will have the ability to create multiple views of financial data across numerous scenarios with automated workflow capabilities providing validation and auditing capability.

            • Primary customers are Air Staff, MAJCOM's, and any organizations involved with budget & planning submissions.

            • PBES replaces existing legacy Planning, Programming, Budgeting systems (RAPIDS, ABIDES, ETT.)

            • PBES is currently over 1 year ahead of schedule and is set to begin initial test in early 2018